NELC Academy

The NELC Academy is open to minority attorneys with less than four years’ experience practicing management-side labor and employment law. The purpose of the NELC Academy is to provide advanced skills training, expose participants to NELC’s national network of experienced minority labor and employment attorneys, encourage mentoring relationships, promote NELC to attorneys who will soon be eligible for membership, and to create a pipeline for future NELC leaders.

All NELC Academy Fellows will have direct interaction with in-house labor and employment lawyers from major corporations and leading minority labor and employment defense lawyers from across the country and will be partnered with an experienced attorney mentor.  Space in the 2015 NELC Academy is strictly limited to a maximum of 25 participants. Fellows are selected based on a short application, a client or partner reference, and an endorsement from a member of NELC’s Coordinating Committee.

Academy participation is underwritten by NELC and its sponsors; Academy Fellows or their employers are responsible for travel and accommodations at discounted rates.  Fellows will be required to actively participate in an Academy-only LinkedIn group in the weeks leading up to the Academy to facilitate interactive conference programming.

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Feedback from NELC Academy Fellows:
"I think it's a phenomenal program and I am excited to join NELC as a member soon. Through the Academy, I've met many great friends and mentors, and so much of my work philosophy has been shaped through these relationships and experiences."

"It was an incredibly motivating experience, and I have already seen some of the relationships pay off.  Thank you for the wonderful opportunity."

"Wonderful program far exceeding my wildest expectations!"

"The intention behind each program and the goals for the Academy Fellows truly come through the programming.  I am honored and privileged to have been a part of the 2014 NELC Academy class."

"The Academy provided great insight on how to achieve our goals. It also stressed the importance of relationships and that no matter how busy we think we are, we still have to make time to sustain such relationships. Also, the Academy is such a rewarding experience because it reminds me that I do not exist in a bubble. There is a network of likeminded people with similar experiences who have overcome the same obstacles that I face daily. Meeting people who have found success despite such obstacles inspires me. Many of these people who have offered to serve as a resource for me in the future, which is invaluable."

"I think the Academy hit it on the head. I didn't feel overwhelmed, but I was also never bored.  I also think we had a good balance of time with just the Fellows and time with the conference at large. Overall, I thought it was a great program.  I immediately came back and e-mailed my office managing shareholder to thank him for sending me and informing [him] about how valuable the experience was."

"I was pleasantly surprised by how close the Fellows became after only 2 days.  I definitely took away some substantive new friendships and connections."

"I can’t tell you how grateful I am that I’ve had the good fortune of participating in the Academy twice (and each time has been well worth it).  All I can offer in thanks is my continued willingness to help you with any and everything you need to make next year’s conference and Academy another success."